Never sleep on the ground again!

The moment it is time to hit the road, camper trailers come to mind immediately. They help in having an extended adventure along with the comfort of home on wheels. The types of portable vehicles to choose from can range from vehicle rooftop tents, portable kitchens to tricked-out RVs and vans. However, a campus trailer is a compact and cost-efficient choice. Camper trailers have been a people’s choice since a very long time, however, competing with them in the contemporary era are Airstreams. There are many types of camper trailers for sale to choose from. Some of them have been listed below:

The Polydrop Trailer

A limited edition Polydrop model ranges from $9000 to $13000. Its features include an exterior of wood and aluminum, 760 pounds dry, 80 pounds tongue weight for ease on the road, butterfly doors, LED Lighting along with a leather trim.

The Air Opus

The Air Opus is more expensive than the Polydrop Trailer. The cost of this trailer ranges from $19,000 to $23,000. An extra add-on of an Air Tent System can be made by paying just $2500. Its features include a pop-out tent that inflates in less than 2 minutes, Double beds with inner privacy tents, leather seating, a small kitchenette with a stainless steel sink that does not rust quickly, a portable toilet and skylights.

The Mantis by Taxa Outdoors

The Mantis comes at a price range of less than $40,000. It is a lightweight vehicle, weighing under 3000 pounds foe easy maneuvering, spacious enough for 4 adults to stay in, a full sized bed that turns into a convertible sofa and two bunk beds. The Mantis can be parked at a standard length and height garage. It also has a wet bath and a kitchen to store your supplies.

The Nest by Airstream

The cost of The Nest is less than $45,000. The main feature of The Nest is that it has a fiberglass construction from one of the best companies in the world. It also has a wide-front tinted windshield, the fixtures are of a premium quality, a stove with two burners, a stainless steel sink, an additional luxury of a microwave, a 24 hour gallon fresh water tank for drinking water storage, a small wet bath, sliding screen doors for the perfect outdoor view, blackout shades for coverage even during the day, LED interior lighting with a Bluetooth control, USB ports and a lot of overhead space for storage. The Nest can accommodate up to two adults.

Ezytrail Camper Trailers offer a wide range of campus trailers at affordable prices. The price range of all their available products is listed online. The customer only needs to call them on the number mentioned on their website and the Ezytrail team takes care of the rest afterwards. They also put up their campus trailers on local shows and expos for full exposure. Since, they have many branches; the customer can always choose a branch that is located closest to their homes.