We can all agree that a fireplace is the best thing during winter seasons as it keeps you warm and makes your home cosy. However, it is essential that the chimney is properly maintained. Chimney sweeping should always be done with the help of a professional. The reasons for taking professional help to keep the chimney clean are mentioned below.

Get Clean Air

With time the chimney becomes clogged with creosote and soot which can block the passageway for air and smoke alike. The blockage can reduces the capability of your chimney to work correctly. Professionals will be able to properly clean the chimney so that the passageway is clean again.

chimneysweepoxford.co.uk are a family run Oxforshire based chimney cleaning company who have kindly created a guide to ensure you get a and your chimney stay safe all year round.

Exposure to Carbon Monoxide

Open fires have a high level of carbon monoxide emissions which is very lethal for people if not properly vented. Chimneys help nullify this issue if correctly maintained venting potentially lethal carbon monoxide gasses up and out through them meaning exposure to this gas is minimized if not avoided altogether. A key reason why a professional chimney sweep should be used.

Saves a Lot of Time

Hiring a professional chimney sweep saves the homeowner a lot of time. Modern day chimney sweeps use motorised electric chimney sweeping brushes that much more efficient and speedy than their traditional and outdate manual counterparts. Significantly reducing the time it takes to sweep a chimney effectively. This allows you the homeowner, to sit back and relax. You can do your own work while the professionals do their own.

Prevention of Fire

As previously touched on extended fire use results in the build-up of soot and creosote which over time will block the passage of the chimney which could be very dangerous. A blocked chimney passage can lead to fires which will be a huge loss to your property and harmful to you and your family’s life. Having regular professional chimney sweep is essential to makes sure that the chimney passage is kept clean and smoke is free flow out through.

Avoid Any Damage by Smoke

An unclean chimney would spit back smoke which can be harmful to you and your property. It could be a huge reason for damages in your property such as ceilings, furniture or walls. To keep your property safe regular professional clean-up of the chimney is necessary.

Avoid the Risk of Injury

Cleaning a chimney is a very dangerous job due the harmful nature of both creosote and soot when inhaled or contact with the skin. Additionally a professional is trained for any likely encountered problems and will be certified to climb onto your roof and carry out any essential work on the outer portion of your chimney. This why it is better to hire professionals who are proficient at their job and can spot any defects, whilst ensuring you and your family are risk free.