When we think about the important things in the construction industry, the first thing that comes to our mind is the big machines, big pieces of steel and the thick pieces of wood. This is absolutely true. When it comes to constructing a strong building which will be holding tons and tons of weight, the materials have to be strong enough and the machines and equipment have to work at the top of its efficiency. No matter what you are building- whether bridges, towers, houses, and everything in between.

Amidst all these people often tend to forget about one of the simple and basic materials that hold everything together. It is the fasteners which hold the nuts and bolts. High-quality fasteners become vital for just about every application, especially for the construction industry.

Among the many fasteners available in the market, Coilok fasteners bring in a practical and economical solution to solving the problem of bolted joint solutions, even under extreme vibration and dynamic loads, which becomes very crucial for the construction industry.

Here are a few reasons to show why quality fastener becomes vital for construction projects:


When you are involved in building something in the construction industry, you want everything to be perfect. You want the roof to keep the water away from home. You want the bridge to be able to withstand tons of weight.

But the efficiency of what you are building is not only dependent on the material but also the type of fastener used to facilitate the right assembly of all the components. It’s the fastener that will make or break your entire construction. If the fasteners you choose are not high quality, they will not form a tight seal between materials, which will affect the whole assembly.


Along with efficiency, calls for durability. No one would want to put in all time, effort and money just to realize that soon afterward there occurs damage to the structure.

If the nuts and bolts are of low quality and they don’t hold together properly, it will become susceptible to wear and tear rusts or cracks, and it won’t take long for these problems to arise. If you are putting in your time and effort in your project, it is important to ensure that your project can last for the long haul.

The Coilok fastener is an answer to the ever growing list of construction companies who need solid prevention of loosening for applications big and small.


When you are using fasteners which are poorly made or are manufactured with cheap and weak materials or improper production materials, your structure gets exposed to further risk. These not only affect the structure but become a major safety hazard for anyone who is using what you’ve built.

This is very dangerous and can sometimes become life-threatening if your project falls apart. Stay up to the code and keep safety as a top priority. Use only high-quality fasteners like the Coilok for all applications.

Coilok simply screws onto any bolt on top of any nut, thus keeping the nut in its place preventing the nut from backing out.