Centrifugal pumps are one of the highly versatile pumps that are used in various industries for the movement of fluids in system. Improper working of these pumps can adversely impact your production process. Temporary measures can lead to an increase in repair bills and pump failure. It is important to watch for the signs that show that your centrifugal pump needs to be repaired or replaced urgently.

Your Pump fails to start

This is one of the obvious signs that there is a defect in the centrifugal pump. This can be an electrical fault. You need to check any disconnected or loose wiring in the system. A blown circuit breaker or a fuse is an easy and quick fix. However, a motor that has failed to function would require replacement. If it is not an electrical failure, then it indicates a blockage on a physical level.

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Reduced Fluid Flow

There are a few conditions that can lead to reduced flow of fluid from the centrifugal pump. Some of them being:

  • Wrong rotation of an impeller

This type of problem can arise when your motor is not wired properly that causes reverse the rotation of the impeller.

  • Clogged discharge line, impeller or suction

Any form of debris that clogs up your discharge or pump inlet needs to be cleared out. The pump has to be stripped to clear dirt from the impeller.

  • Worn impeller, wear plate and wear the ring

If any of such internal components get worn, it can adversely impact the “hydraulic capacity” of the pump. Such damage to the component causes opening up of clearances. This leads to improved fluid circulation and the reduced flow inside the pump.


Any form of leakage from the centrifugal pump, however small it is, can invite trouble. Excessive or abnormal temperature, corrosion or pressure, can make the mechanical seals and joints to loosen up.

Pump repairs involve tightening loose fasteners surrounding the joint. There can also be the need to replace faulty gaskets if any. If at the shaft, you find the pump is leaking, then mechanical seal needs to be replaced.


Close monitoring of your centrifugal pump will help you pay attention to any kind of defect in it. If you find any of the above-mentioned issues in your pump, then it is time to replace or repair it immediately.