There are certain details to consider before buying a high-end home, such as a super luxury residence in Ekamai Ramintra or other premium locations around Bangkok. You want to ensure that your new home is worth the asking price.

To help with your search, here are some of the top features to look for in a super luxury residence.

The Number of Bedrooms and Overall Size

Making sure that your new home offers enough space increases your chances of staying put longer. You are less likely to outgrow your home quickly if you take the time to find a residence with adequate space.

Start by looking at the number of bedrooms. Everyone has different needs, but you may want a home with enough bedrooms for each member of the family and a spare room for guests.

The overall size of the home is another important consideration, as a large living area ensures that everyone has room for privacy.

Security Team with the Latest Technologies

A greater sense of security is one of the reasons for moving into a super luxury residence. Most luxury homes are found in gated communities with private security. However, not all security is equal.

If you want complete peace of mind, look for homes in communities with round-the-clock security. The security team should also utilize the latest technologies for securing the community.

Access to Amenities and Special Features

Onsite amenities and special features help new gated communities stand apart from each other.

For example, you may prefer buying a home in a community that has its own clubhouse, pool, and other luxury amenities. You may also want a home with access to tennis courts, playgrounds, parks, libraries, and more.

Convenient Location Near the Expressway

The latest luxury residences are built on the outskirts of the cities. Luckily, many communities are also found within a short drive of the nearest expressway.

Finding a home near an expressway can ensure faster access to nearby amenities and may shorten your commute to and from work.

Along with these details, you should look for a home that you feel comfortable in. Narrow your options and schedule an appointment to tour your top picks. After spending time in each option, you may get a better sense of which luxury residence you want to call home.