In order to complete a job successfully, it is important to use the right tools. Flange spreaders are used to help in repairing pipes easily and safely. These tools work by separating or opening up flares used for connecting a couple of pipes together or covering them up. Over time, these tools will start to rust and make it hard to maintain the pipe. Fortunately, flange spreaders solve this problem. These tools can aid a lot of various industries in everyday pipe repairs and maintenance. On industrial or construction sites, mechanical flange spreaders can be an important tool to use. These tools aid in doing a lot of tasks such as:

Replacing Gaskets in the Oil and Gas Industry

Gaskets on pipes like oil pipelines do not last. Over time, the pipes will require the installation of new gaskets. But, this task is usually not easy. For instance, if the gasket is located in the middle of the pipe, it won’t be possible to switch the gasket out easily. But, a flange spreader can deal with this. With these spreaders, removing old gaskets on pipelines, cleaning the joint, and installing new gaskets is a lot easier and safer.

Transporting Heavy, Oddly-Shaped Objects

 Your site may have things that are hard to lift securely. For instance, barrels and tanks are heavy, big, and not rectangular so it won’t be easy to move through a forklift. If you do so, you will need sufficient time to push the tines underneath the items before lifting and transporting them. If you try a simple push, the items can be knocked over. In this case, spreaders can help. They can fit between soil and barrels and other objects and lift them.

Moving Concrete

Spreaders are essential when concrete is being moved or used. When your site has a poured concrete barrier or pad in place, you may just want to move it instead of destroying it. This is possible by creating cracks and using flange spreaders to grip chunks and transport them elsewhere. This way, workers do not need to destroy the structure in place only to make them again later.

With the many uses of this kind of spreaders, they can do a lot of functions on the industrial or construction sites. In fact, there are other industries that use these spreaders such as emergency response and plumbing services. It is just important to consult with a reputable provider of these tools to get the appropriate sizes required.