In both selling and buying property, conveyancing is a necessary process. A professional conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer helps with the settlement and the process of transferring of title. This is done by ensuring that their client meets all legal obligations and that the rights of their clients are well protected at the time of transaction. It is necessary for both sellers and buyers to use the services of a conveyancing professional, as both the sides have certain obligations that have to be fulfilled in a Contract of Sale.

These are the important tasks that a conveyancer will typically perform:

  • Preparing all the documents

One of the main roles of a conveyancer or a solicitor is to assist their clients to prepare all the necessary legal documents, which are part of any estate transaction.

  1. Buying a property

Property buyers will need a conveyancer in order to prepare all the transfer documents. It ensures that a property is legally and rightfully transferred to them. The documents will have important and necessary details to meet all legal regulations in your territory or state.

  1. Selling property

When you want to sell your property, it includes preparing the Contract of Sale and making sure that if in case, you require any special conditions, they are also included in this final contract. In this way you remain protected from any sort of potential conflict later.

A conveyancer in Melton will be conducting all the planning searches that have to be included into this final statement. This ensures that you have met all rules of the disclosure obligations as per the relevant laws in your territory or state. These two documents are most important for sellers. But you should see that your conveyancer or solicitor might also be needed to prepare ancillary documents which are part of the settlement deal.

  • Arranging Settlement

The most important role of any Conveyancer or Solicitor is to assist in arranging the final details of settlement.

  1. Buying property

The buyer’s conveyancer will even assist to co-ordinate the best time for settlement on the finalized day. It is his/her work to contact the bank to ensure that your funds are proper to pay the vendor, providing the bank with any sort of cheque details and booking settlement.

  1. Selling property

The seller’s conveyancer will be coordinating the perfect time for settlement with the conveyancer of the buyer.

  • Legal Advice

A Solicitor or Conveyancer will even undertake a portion of the legal work, which will help you to take the right decisions and push this process faster and successfully.

  1. Buying property

The conveyancer, who works on behalf of the buyer will give perfect advice regarding terms and conditions of the Contract of Sale.

  1. Selling property

Your conveyancer will advise you, if there are any particular conditions which must be included in the Contract of Sale.

Remember, all these tasks can be quite complicated and difficult for sellers and buyers. Choose Easy Link Conveyancing, for buying and selling of your property as their aim is to make the whole process run smoother by ensuring that there are no inconsistencies with your paperwork.