More so than any year over the past decade, the interior design trends defining 2023 are exciting and varied, redefining the comforts and understatement that have become familiar to many homes. There are a number of new styles, features, and atmospheres that are not only wildly different from previous trends but actively counter their defining characteristics.

As such, 2023 is being seen as a rebellious year for interior design, one that is not only changing the way we approach the utility and aesthetic of living spaces but one that might influence trends for years to come.

It’s All About Gold 

Decadence is at the heart of so many new interior design trends, with gold being the perfect representation of this new preference for the lavish. Whether it is the golden trim of furniture and frames or the shining vibrance of gold embellishments, homes are being elevated with the presence of a bold gold.

The golden revival has been supported by fans of what is being championed as regencycore, which is an elegant successor to the homely aesthetic of cottagecore. While understatement has defined previous years, with minimalism persisting across many living spaces, now the preference seems to be for a sense of royalty at home.

Greater Functionality 

With house prices having risen considerably over recent years, coupled with the lasting influence of lockdowns, there is a greater determination for return on investment. No longer can a home simply be considered a living space, it must also function as an office, a gym, a cinema, and a social environment.

These expectations of a property are leading to a greater number of renovations so that residents can make use of every potential space. For some, the home alone is not enough and they are choosing to expand into gardens with annexes and log cabins, establishing fresh spaces for their personal and professional needs.

Bold, Bright, And Beautiful 

As mentioned above, the white and beige of understated minimalism is being left behind. What’s more, is that these delicate spaces aren’t just being replaced but they’re being disrupted, with a new and vivid wave of maximalism taking over.

This means that textures, colours, and furniture of all varieties are coming together to create spaces of bold comfort and confident style. Rules are being seen as far more flexible, with many interior designers bringing together different time periods and aesthetics in fascinating ways, all in the interest of prioritising personality and brilliance.

Visual Complexity 

Whether it is the intricate design of a William Morris wallpaper or the stand-out presence of Moroccan tiling, statement design is in. These decorative pieces are suited to maximalism but can also be a mid-way point between the brash and the quiet, allowing homeowners to create living spaces that demonstrate an eye for interesting and beautiful design without needing to commit to an entirely new aesthetic.

Biophilia & Colour 

Natural dyes are in, as are the hues and tones of wild landscapes. They are replacing anything of the modern and industrial colour palette. This means designers are embracing deep azure and botanical greens, anything that both represents organic styling and can be associated with natural environments.