When you are looking to get help with your online marketing from a reputable digital marketing agency, there are questions you will want to ask the companies you talk to about your marketing. Ensuring that you ask plenty of questions and asking each company the same questions can help you select the best agency to work with to boost your online visibility. Some of the questions you should be asking are below to help you get started, and there are many more you can consider asking.

What Experience Do You Have In Our Industry?

You will want to ask each agency you speak with whether they have experience in your industry. If they do have experience in your niche, you will want to ask them which companies they have worked with so you can look at their online visibility.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

Many agencies will offer some form of guarantee, so you will want to ask the agencies you speak with if this is something they offer. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO, and you are left to the mercy of the algorithm of Google, so if an agency does make guarantees, you will want to be wary.

Do You Outsource Any Work?

It is also worth asking if the agency you are speaking with outsources any work, and if so, you will want to know what they outsource and where. Ideally, you will use an agency that does everything in-house, which gives them greater control over the quality of work done., However, this will also mean that their prices are usually higher, but it is worth spending more if the standard of work is high enough.

What Is Your Approach To Getting Quality Backlinks?

You will also want to find out how the companies you are talking with gain the backlinks for their customers, which is a vital part of increasing online rankings. You will want to use an agency with a genuine outreach process to acquire backlinks and avoid using networks or paid links.

What Metrics Will You Track?

Most agencies use similar metrics to gauge the performance of a marketing campaign, and common factors they track can include:

  • SERP Rankings
  • Website Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Dwell Time
  • Conversions

You will want to use an agency that will track meaningful data so you can judge how well your digital marketing campaign is doing.

These are a few questions you should be asking potential digital agencies before using their services, and you can click here to get more questions you can ask.