When used effectively, package printing can pull together a project. If you want your product to pop out on the shelf, you need a POP display that stands out from the rest. Also, when shipping products, make sure you use shipping boxes that can raise brand awareness and recognition. For these purposes, the printing method you use will help achieve your project goals.

Kinds of Package Printing

When printing your product packaging, the following are some of the best methods you can choose from:

  • Flexographic direct printing. This is a cost-effective form of printing. This method makes use of print plates which makes a “kiss” impression on the board while feeding through the machine. Flexography is an ideal printing method for high volume runs for both product packaging and shipping boxes. With many packaging and printing companies, you can run up to five colors on one run and their in-house kitchen lets you pick any colors you would like with a quick turnaround.

  • Digital direct printing. This printing method tends to be the newest in the industry. It allows you to utilize highly detailed graphics which can be changed often. Digital printing is a good option if you want to run a low quantity product or a prototype.
  • Lithographic labeling. This printing method is great for high-end graphics on packaging. This works by printing graphics into a label. The label is applied to the corrugated sheet before you cut and score it. It can be made to fit on just a part of your box, the entire box, or one full face. Because litho labeling does not utilize a print plate, it is ideal for graphics that will change from time to time.

Benefits of Product Packaging

There are many benefits your business can enjoy when printing your product packaging with the right details. They include:

  • Increased brand recognition. Corrugated printing will make your brand recognizable to your target customers and everyone around them. This will increase your chances of getting more customers in the near future.
  • Boost repeat purchase. Quality packaging makes customers happy. Happy customers tend to retain information on your packaging. If your packaging pops on the shelf, customers will go back and buy your products again and again.
  • Encourage customers to reuse boxes. After your customers take the product of the box, they will reuse the package for other purposes such as for moving and wrapping.