When your company has a large open space that you are converting into offices, there are various types of partitions you can use to divide the office space. The best option for your workplace will depend on the layout and design you want for your office and how you plan on using the space, so you must consider your options carefully. Choosing the best types of partitions can help you create a great workplace for your employees that is comfortable and helps boost productivity. Below are some options for office partitions that may suit your business and office design and can help make a comfortable office space that also looks fantastic.

Glazed Partitions

An excellent choice for your office space is using glazed partitions, which can help divide the space but still maximise the natural light that your office space receives, there are various options available, such as single-glazed partitions, and if you require additional acoustic or thermal insulation in your office, you can also select double or triple-glazed office partitions. They are available in various styles and designs and can help you create a sleek and modern-looking office that is a functional space to run your business from and continue its success.

Drywall Partitions

Another option you can consider when looking for a simple and cost-effective solution for your office layout is using drywall office partitions. These are quick and easy to install and can help you separate the different areas in the floor plan of your office, and if you require it, you can also add thermal or acoustic insulation to them. Once erected, you can paint them any colour you wish, so you do not need to stick with the standard white drywall partitions that many offices throughout the UK have.

Demountable Partitions

Choosing demountable partitions for your office is another cost-effective choice, as you can also claim against capital allowance tax when using these in its design. They are also suitable if the layout of your office is likely to change, as you can change their configuration easily as they attach to the floor and ceiling. You can reuse these office partitions for as long as they are suitable, and they can help divide space effectively without spending too much money.

Switchable Glass Partitions

Consider using switchable glass partitions when you want to make a statement in your office for the meeting room or board room. These partitions can look like regular transparent glass until you hit the button, and the glass changes to opaque, giving you privacy when needed. These are a more expensive option for your office design, but they can help make an excellent first impression for visitors.

Divider Screens

If you do not have much budget to invest in quality partitioning for your office, you can also use screen dividers which are a cheaper alternative. You can always update your office later when the funds are available, and these screen dividers can be moved easily and are free-standing. They are available in various colours and sizes and are a suitable temporary solution for dividing the space in an office that is also affordable.