If you are your family are in love with your local community, but your existing living space is inadequate, you are normally faced with two options; extend or relocate. There is, however, a third option, which is to knockdown the existing structure and rebuild and this is becoming a popular choice for Australian property owners.

High Price of Land

Let’s face it, land prices are always on the rise and as the global population continues to increase, land is a finite asset and prices are expected to reflect the demand. The knock down rebuild avoids any land transfer and with the right development, the land will become even more valuable. Fortunately, there are builders that specialise in knock down rebuilds and they can easily be sourced with a Google search and would be happy to discuss the many design options for a rebuild.

Adding Living Space

If you wanted to knock down and rebuild a garage in Canberra, for example, this would give you the extra living space you need. Building a stand-alone structure in the garden is aa great idea if you have the space and a specialist local builder can design something that is both functional and visually appealing. You could design in such a way that the modular building is connected to the main home, or if you are planning to use the space as a work office, stand-alone might be the best option.

Bespoke Design Solutions

Basically, you are starting again from scratch, with the plot of land and possible building up the land prior to building, to elevate the structure. A great deal of thought must go into your new design, using smart solutions wherever possible, while solar energy is too attractive to ignore – the Australian government offers homeowners grants if they make the switch to clean and renewable energy.

One Stop Solutions

Ideally, you want a builder who is experienced with knock down rebuilds, as they can handle every stage of the process and if they are client-focused, you will end up with your dream home. If you would like to start the process of redesigning your living space, Google is your best friend and once in touch with the right builder, you can begin to assess the many options before making an informed decision.

Going down the smart-home route is recommended if you are rebuilding, which will form the foundation for the next generation of digital development.