When you have a busy office or call centre that can get noisy, you must do everything you can to help control the noise and keep them at a comfortable level. You can do many things in an office space to control noise levels, and you will want to do these things when fitting out your office space and before you start using it. With some creativity and ingenuity, you can create a fantastic-looking office space that is comfortable and practical. Below are some areas you can focus on to help reduce noise levels in your office and ensure it is the perfect place for your business.

Dividing Your Space

You will want to use a partitioning system in your office design that can help absorb sound and reduce its overall level to make it more comfortable for employees. Various types of partitions offer acoustic insulation, and you can opt for double-glazed partitions if your budget can stretch that far that look sleek and stylish when installed.

Your Office Ceiling

You can do two things with the ceiling of your office that can help you contain and control noise levels. The first is installing a suspended ceiling and buying acoustic ceiling tiles that absorb sound. Various options are available, and acoustic ceiling tiles are available in multiple colours and designs and at different price points.

The second option is installing acoustic pods below the ceiling to help absorb sound, which is more common in large offices with high ceilings. You often see these pods in bright contrasting colours, so they are also a visual point of your office and can help make it a bright and happy place.

Install Acoustic Plasterboard

Consider installing acoustic plasterboard on the external walls of your office that can absorb sound and make it a more comfortable work environment. The plasterboard will also give you additional thermal insulation and help keep your office at a comfortable temperature. Acoustic plasterboard is an affordable option worth installing in your office space, even when it does not get too loud, and it is quick and easy to install.

Acoustic Underlay

You can also install an acoustic underlay to your floor, which will absorb sound waves and help you control noise levels. You can use this underlay with flooring materials, including carpet, carpet tiles, wooden floors, vinyl floors, and laminate floors. Whatever type of flooring material you decide to use in your office space, add a layer of acoustic insulation, and it can help improve the office for your workers.

Add Plants & Paintings

You can also help absorb sound in a noisy office by having lots of plants and hanging artwork and posters on the walls. Both options will absorb sound, reduce echo, make it a more pleasant place to work in and help make it look much nicer. You can use real and artificial plants, depending on your preference, and it does not have to be expensive artwork and can be quotes and motivational notes printed on cavass to help absorb sound.

Ensure you focus on sound levels when designing your office space, and it can make it a comfortable working environment that your employees love to come to every day.