If you are planning to build your home, you have to consider a few basic aspects, such as the building codes, industry practices and choices of materials. Wood is often seen as one of the most viable, accessible and eco-friendly options in building materials, but it is necessary to review the pros and cons in detail. In this post, we are reviewing wood as a building material, so that you can take the call.

Know your options

If you visit one of the lumber yards Houston, you will realize that there are varied kinds of materials – from fire-resistant lumber to composite materials. Timber and Lumber are often used interchangeably, but technically speaking, timber pieces are bigger than lumber and are more used for frames and other large-scale needs. There is also composite wood or engineered wood, which is not hardwood, but is often made of wood stands, veneers and plywood glued together. Today, composite wood is used for construction, but do not expect the same benefits or advantages as hardwood.

Why consider wood for building?

First and foremost, wood is a renewable source, and while there are concerns related to deforestation and logging, many companies are now adhering to specific FSC standards. You can use FSC-certified wood that is harvested and milled from forests responsibly. Fire-resistant lumber is treated with chemicals and is resistant to fire, which gives an edge over traditional or untreated wood that’s prone to fire. Wood works as a nice, versatile choice for building, and for log homes and aesthetic designs, the material cannot be ignored. Wood can hold heat considerably well and is often considered as an alternative to steel for selected projects. Also, the acoustic properties make it more ideal for homes and residential needs.

On the flip side

Wood must be harvested and used responsibly, and each one of us has a role in that. As a prospective homeowner, you have to focus on green building as much as possible. Wood can be expensive compared to some of the other materials, which can be a bummer for some projects.

Final word

There is no denying that the benefits of wood as a building material outweigh the cons, and it remains a viable choice, both for construction and design needs. You can choose to discuss your project with a reliable architect, who can suggest better, and ensure that the material is sourced from a known and reliable vendor/supplier.