The last few years have served up quite a few debates surrounding best practices for commercial office fitouts. There’s the perennial question of open workspaces vs. cubicle style desks, and now sit/stand desks have been added to the equation. Are they really worth it? What’s the change that will provide the best ROI for your business?

Should you invest in commercial office fitouts to bring your business into the future? Before making a decision, it’s important to survey the scene and get an overview of the options when it comes to commercial fitouts. This article will outline the three top trends for office fitouts in 2019 and beyond.

H2: 1. Authenticity

Authenticity is a key concept not just in relation to your clients, but also in regards to your employees. Job seekers are looking for companies that share their core values, where they can feel like part of the team and live a lifestyle that’s more flexible. Staff members increasingly expect transparency and honesty from their organisation’s leaders. These values are not just ideas; they’re part of a workplace culture and can be echoed in the very physicality of a company.

For example, for more transparency, try using glass partitions in any commercial office fitouts you’re considering. Open plan workspaces similarly emphasise transparency and teamwork. Commercial office fitouts can’t build a workplace culture that doesn’t already exist in the ideology of the company itself, but they can however reflect in physical form what the company strives for in terms of values. 

H2. Moving Away from Fads

When evaluating ideas for commercial office fitouts, make sure you avoid the temptation to jump on a fad. Fads are dangerous when it comes to design because they can age quite badly, which means you need to update your interiors more often, involving extra cost. It’s much smarter to insteadcarry outcommercial office fitouts that use classic colour schemes and design elements that won’t go out of date quickly.

One way of avoiding fads is to bring things back to basics. What do humans – AKA your employees – actually need to thrive in an environment? They need air, water, food, shelter and security; that’s about it. If any of the commercial office fitouts you’re considering offers something that adds to one of these comfort elements of human wellbeing, then it could be a useful feature. But if something seems like a fad just for the sake of it, stay well away.

H2: 3. Flexibility

As more people are leaving the workforce to start their own businesses, more co-working spaces are popping up. Companies might hire workers in a variety of capacities –as a freelancer working from home, as a freelancer working in an office, as a part-timer, on a contract basis, or full-time.

This creates new problems and opportunities when it comes to fluctuating employee numbers and the corresponding facilities necessary. Providers of commercial office fitouts in Melbourne need to be able to find solutions for these changing company circumstances now and going into the future.