Stainless Steel Round Bar comes in different grades. Some of the commonly used grades are 302, 303, 304, 304L, 304H, 309, 309L and so on. There are 300 series, 200 series and 400 series. They all correspond to different grades and different qualities. There are also heat treatment grades such as 17-4PH, H1205 and so on. The diameters of the Stainless Steel Round Bar can differ from 1/16 inches to 26 inches in general applications. Specific applications which require specific dimension can also be produced upon request.

There are duplex grade stainless steel bars as well. The different alloy materials used can also determine the grades such as nickel alloy grades. The precipitation hardening grades mean they are hardened by precipitation hardening methods.

The alloy materials used can range from chromium to niobium. The composition corresponds to specific characteristics of the steel. There are different specific mechanical properties such as the yield strength, tensile strength, chloride ion corrosion stress cracking resistance, pitting corrosion attack resistance and so on. The smooth finishing and precise dimension are also determined by the manufacturing process and the material make. The most commonly used stainless steel is the 316 type. So the 316 stainless steel round bar stock is readily available with any supplier for immediate purchase. Due to the wide range of applications, the 304 stainless steel round bar is available in reasonable prices. The most common uses are in structural applications like the construction industry and equipment manufacturing like the flanges in marine water environment.