Every owner wants their business to grow so that it is more profitable and so they can hire more people to come work for them. It is ambitions like this that keep the economy going and so when smaller businesses are held back due to their ability to purchase essential construction machinery then everyone suffers as a direct result. Some pieces of plant and machinery can be incredibly expensive if you have to buy them and so these smaller businesses have to go without and settle for the much smaller contracts.

The good news for all of you contractors and subcontractors out there is that you can now take advantage of construction machinery rental (called เช่าเครื่องจักรก่อสร้าง in Thai) and this means that your business doesn’t have to do without any more. You can now have the confidence to go ahead and bid for those much larger contracts and there is a high possibility that you will get them because you now have access to essential construction machinery. If you have been thinking about purchasing the equipment rather than renting it for the day or longer then maybe the following can help to point you in the right direction.

  • A much better selection – If you’re thinking of buying construction machinery then you will be limited as to what you can buy because of your restricted budget. No such restriction takes place when you decide to hire the construction machinery that you need because your supplier will have many different pieces of plant and machinery from all of the popular and reputable suppliers.
  • No storage issues for you – If you do purchase your own construction machinery then you have to find a place to keep it so that you can keep it out of the rain to keep the rust away. It also needs to be locked securely away so that nobody steals it and you’re also going to need a workshop to be able to do necessary maintenance on it. None of these are required if you hire the construction machinery that you need for the day or longer.

If you just go ahead and buy the machinery that you need then you need understand that it will depreciate in value quite quickly and you will definitely not get close to what you paid for it when you decide to sell it further down the road. There may not always be an opportunity to use it every day and so you’re paying for something to just sit there and to gather dust.