Everyone’s got at least one mate, or acquaintance that’s made it known, that they have a van, or a flatbed, and maybe after a few alcoholic beverages, have promised to help you out, if you’re ever in need. If you’ve been in need since that time, then you’ll know full well that, the offer of help whenever you need it seems nothing but a fond memory of manly companionship.

Very rarely, does anything come free in life

The trouble is, if your mate has a van, or a flat bed, then they are likely using it for work, especially if they are a trades person. Furthermore, they’re probably on call 7 days a week, so fitting you in around other ‘paying’ customers has probably slipped, far down to the bottom of their ‘to do’ list. You can’t blame them really, everyone has to make a living and, if times are hard, they have to do what most people would do, go for the money maker.

Why not hire someone local?

When you look at the cost of something like removal van costs in Plymouth, you might ask yourself why you didn’t just call a local firm and get the job done weeks ago. There is a community factor too, which is that many businesses haven’t survived the last few years, especially if they weren’t geared up for online trading so, it makes every bit of sense to support local companies that are still slogging away, working hard to make things happen for people.