When your drains and pipes are not flowing freely, or there is a foul smell, you may have a blockage that you need to remove. However, before you call on the expensive services of a professional plumber, there are things you can try which may remove the blockage and have your pipes and basins draining freely. Below you can find some advice and tips to remove blockages in your pipes and drains, which are a more affordable solution for simple problems than calling a plumber.

Try Boiling Water

Fats and greases cause many blockages in pipes and drains, congealing and reducing how much liquid can travel freely through the pipes. You can try getting rid of these by pouring boiling water down your sinks and drains to clean the blockage. It will often take more than boiling the kettle once to clear the pipes of fatty deposits, and the more hot water you can use, the better.

Use A Plunger

Another option you can consider using is including a plunger with the hot water, and once you have poured the water down the sink or drain, use the plunger also. The increased air pressure can help dislodge blockages and get them moving again, so your sinks and pipes can drain freely and also reduce foul smells coming from your pipes.

Try A Drain Snake

For more stubborn blockages that boiling water and a plunger cannot remove, you can try using a drain snake, which you can purchase online. It is a flexible auger that can dislodge pipes’ blockages and travel around corners and u-bends. However, you need to be careful when using one of these tools as you can cause more damage, resulting in you having to call a plumber to fix it.

Use Strong Drain Unblocker

You can also purchase a quality industrial drain unblocker from aptcommercialchemicals.co.uk, which you can use to help clear blocked pipes and drains. You must ensure you read the instructions and follow them carefully, and these products contain strong chemicals you do not want to misuse. There are various products available to buy, and you need to research the different options to see which is best for the type of blockage you have. You can often find that using these chemicals and letting them soak can clear blockages that the methods above could not and can have your pipes flowing freely in no time.

Sometimes A Plumber Is Best

You will also need to learn to hold up your hands and recognise when you need to call on the services of a reputable and experienced plumber. You may find that underlying issues are causing your problem that a plumber may spot and can fix, saving you money in the long run. A professional plumber can also do the job much quicker than someone inexperienced who does not know what they are doing, so you can fix the issue quickly.

Hopefully, one of the above methods has sorted the issues you have with your pipes, and you can click here to see what you must ensure does not go down your sinks and drains to prevent other blockages from occurring.