Wooden fences are attractive; break walls are durable. But wrought iron fencing is designed for both. They won’t lose their beauty over time and are not too susceptible to weather conditions. With proper and regular maintenance, it can be said that these fences will last forever. And all the things we mentioned affect the price of the iron fence, which is not low. To get the best for your money, read the tips below.

Think of the Budget

The wrought iron fence was created as something original and quality, but something that fits into the environment. Lately, it has become a status symbol, primarily because of its price per square feet. These fences are made in many shapes, styles, with or without decorative details.

It is possible to produce them in various models and your budget and ideas are the main conditions when selecting a fence. Simpler models cost less, while each type of additional decoration increases the price. Also, ready-made models usually cost less than custom-made fencing.

If you want an outstanding wrought iron fence, make sure you don’t exaggerate with details. Keep in mind that you can never go wrong with simple off-the-peg fencing. Do not forget that, besides initial investment, you will have additional maintenance costs.

You shouldn’t neglect maintenance; otherwise, you may consider that you wasted your money. Yes, you will have a quality and durable fence, but it will not look nice. Buy quality protective agents and apply them, at least, every six months (before winter and summer, because of extreme weather conditions).

Don’t Cut Corners on Materials

 Models of wrought iron fences can also be found in variations of steel and aluminum. They are a bit cheaper, but far from being a good quality like iron fencing. Materials are subject to corrosion, and they are not as strong as iron; even the smaller physical force can bend it. However, if you decide on one of the alternatives, expect higher maintenance costs and a quicker replacement (check here for some maintenance tips)

Be Creative

In rare situations, ready-made fence models fully match your requirements. If you are ready to spend a significant amount of money for a quality fence, pay a bit more and get a custom-made model that fully meets your needs. Since the fencing should fit into the exterior, the facility, but also the courtyard style, this is a smart investment.

Meet the fence supplier and show him your idea. It may not be possible to create vertical posts and finials as you have imagined, but you might like proposed modifications. Know that making a custom model requires a little more time, but if you have an idea of how wrought iron fence should look like, go for it. The ready-made iron fence should be the ultimate solution (for example, when in a hurry to install the yard protection).

Don’t Forget the Gate

If you want full discretion, wrought iron gate completely closes the fence. These are quite heavy and not so functional, so consider some alternative like an archway.  Automated gates are an excellent solution, but this is an additional cost that not everyone can afford. But most business owners opt for these systems as additional protection to their facilities.

It is a good idea to ’emphasize’ the gate with some additional decoration in the form of arches, filigree, or some geometric shapes. Decorations should match the finials. These add-ons can also be practical, as they block the view from the street.

Fit Fence Decoration into Surrounding

A beautiful and modern fence deserves to be visible and attract views. If you don’t want curious passers-by to look at your yard, be careful when planning dimensions (think of a distance between spires). Cut tall plants from the outside of the fence, while leaving those on the inner side. Leave some low, decorative bushes outside. Also, do the appropriate concrete paths along the fencing (if your budget permits, on both sides).

No house or facility will look nice if it is surrounded by an inadequate fence. And since the style of construction has changed a lot in the last decades, it is necessary to have something modern and unique to ’round up’ the whole area in which you live or work.