A decline in graphic design is used primarily as a placeholder for helping in the proper design of an image that will then be recast as part of the production process. Often it is placed onto the top of the graphic as an independent layer for better orientation and sizing purposes. For example, instead of having the entire header of your image printed onto a thick piece of cardstock, you can have the airline placed above the header so that it overlays over the actual print. The image below shows how this would be accomplished using the Adobe Illustrator program.

To begin, select the “print” option from the tools palette. Double-click on the “Dieline” icon to open the package. In the package folder you will see the Dieline folder, which has the files for your printer, your own copy of the Dieline pattern, and a template that you will use to print the folds.

You will notice that the Adobe Illustrator program does not come with a template for dielines. The manufacturer provides the template that you can use to print the folds if you purchase this product. Select the “Create File” option from the tools palette to open the Create PDF dialog box. From here you will have several options including the number of color shades that you want your printed Dieline to use. You can also choose to change the background color.

There are several ways that you can customize the shape of your dieline for your packaging. You can create different shaped folds by adjusting the snapping features so that the cut lines alternate between two adjoining shapes. You can also create specialized shapes such as circles, ovals, rectangles, and polygonal ones. These features make the folding Dieline more versatile in its uses.

One of the most helpful tips for creating an attractive Dieline is to create a centered square using one corner as the main focus. You can then add two or more secondary interest points by creating alternate border squares around the main square. This creates a balanced design that showcases both the folded shape and the secondary border. This is a great idea when using dieline for design purposes for promotional material for your business.

One last easy way to customize your folding Dieline and to make it unique is to add your company logo or slogan to the cover. If you want to give a professional impression, this is the best way to do it. If you want the Dieline to reflect your own artistic personality, simply remove the artwork from the package. If you want to make a personalized gift, consider printing only the custom artwork on the front side of the package. This is a unique way to give Dieline as a gift.