Emissions targets continue to be set at a high level by governments, and rightly so, with the climate crisis a real and dangerous thing for all of humanity. One of the ways in which business leaders look to meet ambitious net-zero emissions targets is to look at things such as carbon offsetting, and this can be a well-thought out and effective tactic if it is done in a proper manner. It’s great for optics too as your company will be more ESG compliant.

What has the government proposed? 

The UK government has committed to a target of net-zero emissions by the year 2050. What this means in principle, is that any emissions that the country produces, must be balanced out by other schemes to offset the overall negative outcome of those emissions. There are many sectors where it is impossible to completely eliminate emissions, such as the aviation sector or the construction industry, and this is where carbon offsetting projects will become a standard part of working life.

What is carbon offsetting?

To hit the net-zero emissions targets many companies, in industries that create plenty of emissions and will struggle to eliminate them entirely, will look to balance out with new technologies like carbon capture and storage technology, you’ll see some companies offering to plant a tree for every significant purchase made by a customer, or companies will pay into carbon reduction projects as part of daily working life, alongside similar carbon offsetting projects.

 Carbon offsetting with your plant hire choices 

One of the biggest industries that must now find a way to reduce or balance out the carbon emissions produced, is the construction industry. There are a few different ways that this can be approached, from the source of materials used within construction, to the techniques and technology used on site. One of the biggest ways to look at sustainability and carbon offsetting is to choose the right partner when it comes to the plant hire companies worked with and the types of schemes they are involved with.

The best contract plant hire companies in the UK have been working on these carbon offsetting projects for some time and understand how important it is to reduce the carbon footprint of hired machinery for construction projects. You’ll find that a reputable plant hire company will now offer clients the chance to reduce emissions through a small amount of money being added to the cost of plant hire that goes direct to carbon reduction projects. The additional money added to the plant hire contract is based on the type of vehicle and machinery used, the fuel used during the course of the contract and other factors, and each client should have the power to offer to pay more and completely offset the carbon emissions based on usage, if they so wish.

How else can I help the environment with my choice of contract plant hire in the UK? 

Other ways that the plant hire industry in the UK has improved in recent years is through the development of strategies aimed at lowering the carbon emissions of vehicles and machinery used, as well as looking at sustainable practices all round. This should include all vehicles meeting the latest emission standards, a continual development and evolution of fleet to make the most of current and future technological trends aimed at lower carbon emissions, as well as working with suppliers who are also working towards sustainable practice.