The gist of having a company website is to lure in more leads and convert them into new customers, but have you wondered if your website is the only factor that is repelling these new leads away from your company? Certainly, driving huge traffic to your website can cost you a fortune, but the last thing you would ever want in this case is the audience leaving your website, particularly when it is something that could have been avoided. Here are a few of those mistakes.

  1. The load time is quite slow

There must be few instances in your life where you stumbled upon a website you wanted to browse, and it took like a lifetime to load. It frustrates you to the core and you would most likely never visit that website ever. Now imagine if one of your leads face the same with your company website. Hence, if slow load time is one of the factors that is repelling your customers, you might want to address that. If your website is slow nonetheless, build a website on WordPress by having a look at these WordPress beginner tutorials.

  1. Forced sign up

Your website can also be used as a lead generation tool, but that doesn’t signify you should annoy your audience by asking for their information before you deliver them what they need. Using pop ups that occur as soon as they open the page or locking the blog content and calling for an email registration to view them will repel your customers in no time. When you deliver useful information to your visitors, they would to sign up for your updates or subscribe to your email newsletter to stay apprised as they see value in what you deliver.

  1. Animation and audio

There was a time when music and a lot of animation on a website rendered it successful. But now those days are gone. Nobody likes hearing eerie music and being forced animation before they can access the gist of your website. Web design trends are thriving and evolving with every passing second, and music and animation is not a part of that very trend on the website department anymore. These additions tend to slow down your website as well.

  1. Poor navigation

As soon as your visitors land on your site, they should instantly know how to navigate it and they should be able to do it no matter what device they are accessing your website on. If they cannot find the menu or if there is no clear purpose, they will simply leave your website. You can have the best of content to showcase, but it is useless if the visitor cannot find them on your website.