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Architectural signs are related to buildings and structures. These custom-designed signs can be used in almost any kind of building. The signage can be used for different indoor and outdoor purposes. This can range from something as simple as bathroom signs to something as sophisticated as digital message boards. they can include wall graphics, light box signs, dimensional lettering, directional signs, LED signs, and much more.

Who Should Use Architectural Signs?

Almost anyone can use architectural signage. But there are certain businesses that must have them. This includes the following:

  • Medical centres
  • Movie theatres
  • Community buildings
  • Apartments
  • Businesses

It is recommended to check more information about these signs and their applications in different settings.

You can also use them for giving directions to your business place.

Benefits of Using Architectural Signs

Some of the different benefits of using architectural signage are mentioned as below.

1. Branding

Architectural signs can be used for improving your branding efforts through the incorporation of:

  • Logos
  • Brand-based colour schemes
  • Letterings

The signage can be installed in highly visible locations. The sign will have consistency with your logo and company name. It will look professional and will make it easy for people to connect with your company.

2. Draws More Attention

Professionally-designed architectural signs are designed to draw everyone’s attention.

  • The right use of colours, lighting, and positioning is made to increase visibility
  • All potential shadows and visibility perspectives are taken into account.
  • There is emphasis on making the signage stand out from the background and the surrounding features.

It can help in drawing attention to your brand even when someone is passing by.

Drawing attention is perhaps the biggest benefit here. For example, architectural signs are used in gas stations to indicate the oil prices. The signs are very high and it is almost impossible to miss them.

They also carry lot of visual weight. When you place the sign on a small monument, it can easily draw lots of attention. It also emphasises how important the message on the sign is. There are many types of organisations that can benefit from this feature.

3. Enhanced Business Appearance

Installing a well-designed 3D sign can add both interest and style to your building. You can have backlit/internally lit architectural signs that will continue drawing attention even at night-time. They help in enhancing your business’ appearance and add a unique personality to your brand.

4. Boost Sales

You can also have architectural signs designed and positioned to improve your sales. Studies show that almost 7 in 10 consumers purchase something after having seen a sign somewhere. Even when they don’t do it always, the impact of signs is big.

Architectural signage plays a crucial role in attracting customers to your products and company. If the design is perfect, the benefits are galore:

  • It is going to be memorable and alluring
  • Your consumers get an idea of what you may be offering
  • The right design can be an important part of branding

Creating the Perfect Architectural Signs

Whilst there are many benefits of choosing these signs for your organisation, you should consider the following points when having them designed:

  • You should be thorough with the research and designing. It is recommended to create mock-ups and choose the right place where the sign will be installed.
  • Check the local zoning regulations before having the structure designed.
  • Also consider the message that you want to display. Even when it is all about announcing your location, it is recommended to include your logo within the sign.
  • You should also consider your landscape when having your sign designed. If required, you may have to take care of the landscape to create space. This may also be important to make the signage stand out.

Architectural signs are perfect for buildings and facilities which are permanent. Your offices will be visited by your customers, partners, suppliers, media, and other visitors. Such signage helps in maintaining consistent branding. It can also provide the opportunity to include branding elements. These signs are needed to last longer, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors. So when choosing them, make sure that you are investing in high quality materials.

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