The process of sandblasting is a method of using abrasive materials with a mix of high pressure to clean surfaces, you can choose more abrasive materials to clean tougher areas if needed. Depending on how tough the job is, steel grit is a common option in Australia for blasting a surface in preparation for paint. Sandblasting is a skilled process, so using a professional team is highly recommended, you will find that sandblasting offers a number of benefits and has a wide application, here are some of the reasons why;

  1. Restoration

If you want to restore something back to its former glory then sandblasting is one of the best options you could choose, often used in kitchens and for industrial purposes whereby rust can become a problem.

Many metals can become rusty over time if they are not protected properly and, although it may appear that they need replacement, more often than not the rust you see is just, ‘surface rust’ and can be removed with the aid of sandblasting.

  1. Creates a smooth surface for painting.

Sandblasting is perfect for surfaces that require a smooth finish prior to them being painted and, because the choices of materials used can be as ‘gentle’ or as ‘abrasive’ as you need them to be you could use the process for a wide variety of jobs. You could use sandblasting for delicate jobs or for stripping steel or iron back to its original state.

  1. Clean oily, or contaminated areas

A good example of how well Perth sandblasting can help to clean an oily or contaminated area is, in the motor industry, more often than not there will be spills of some kind that cannot be helped. You can attempt to clean by hand, but it can take a long time and tends not to be very effective.

With sandblasting you can be sure that the job will be done the first time around with as little effort as possible, you won’t need to be using harsh or toxic chemicals either which is great news for your health and the materials you are cleaning.

  1. Safety

As mentioned above, safety is more important now than ever before, mainly because materials and products that were, at one time deemed to safe and of no harm to workers have proven to be quite the opposite.

Unfortunately for some, it has just taken a few years for the health effects of those materials or substances used to come to light, as such when looking to clean, prep or restore a surface to its former glory it is really important to use a method like sandblasting.