Pool and spa owners must take steps to ensure these features meet safety regulations. The most important feature to have around a pool or spa is a safety fence, without it, you become liable for any accident that occurs on the property. When the pool compliance inspector comes to your door, you must be ready for an evaluation. To avoid failing, make sure you have all of these things in order.

  1. Failure to Prepare – One of the main reasons a pool safety inspection fails is due to poor management of the area. If you do not know much about pool safety regulations, how are you going to pass an assessment? There are two ways to find out about pool safety protocol in your state – call a local inspector or look online. If you think that your pool might fail an inspection, schedule an evaluation from an accredited certifier and see what needs to be done to pass the test.
  2. Improper Gate Latches or Hinges – Any gate that is used to protect your pool must be able to self-latch within its full rotational arch. To gain a swimming pool compliance certificate in Sydney or any other state, you must have proper latches and hinges, and the pool gate must swing out of the pool enclosure. Many property owners overlook this important issue and fail their assessments when the time comes to secure compliance.
  3. Fence Panels – When it comes to glass pool fencing this is not a problem as there are no gaps between the sections of the fence. If you have an iron or wooden fence, you should check the width between each panel. If it is too wide (over 100mm) it will fail an inspection and you will not receive your compliance certificate.
  4. Climb Zone – Another common area that many people forget about is the climb zone. When the inspector visits your property, they will look for any object near the pool fence that can be used to climb over the perimeter. This includes anything from trees to air conditioning units to garden furniture. Remember to also look at the neighbours fence.

To get your property ready for an inspection do your research and see what has to be done to your pool. You can also call a pool fence inspection team and ask them if the pool or spa would pass and inspection. They can tell you what needs to be done to ensure you are issued with a compliance cert.