Fuel handling is a large part of many industries. But while requirements can vary from industry to industry, there are some types of fuel handling equipment that are essential in almost every case. This article will take a look at four essential types of fuel handling equipment used by industries across Australia, including fuel storage tanks, fuel pumps, fuel flow meter products and fuel hoses.

 Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel storage tanks are essential for any industry that relies on refuelling, allowing for the safe storage of fuels such as petrol, diesel and oil. Fuel storage tanks are available in a wide range of different types, sizes and capacities to suit different requirements and fuel types, so whether you need a small plastic petrol tank or a large steel diesel tank with the capacity to store tens of thousands of litres, there’s sure to be a suitable solution for your application. Fuel storage tanks can also be double bunded, which is where the tank contains another slightly smaller tank within it. The role of this smaller tank is to safely contain any fuel that spills over or leaks out, improving safety and reducing the risk to the surrounding environment in the case of a leak.

 Fuel Pumps

Storing fuel is one thing, but getting it to where it needs to go is also essential. The best way to transfer or dispense fuel is with a fuel pump that’s designed for your particular type of fuel, whether petrol, diesel or oil. Fuel pumps come in a wide range of types to suit different requirements, as well as varying flow rates that affect the speed of transfer. Whether you’re after an electric fuel pump for transferring large quantities of fuel or a small manual fuel pump for occasional use, it’s easy to find a suitable fuel pump that will meet your needs.

 Fuel Flow Meters

A fuel flow meter is used in conjunction with a fuel pump to help determine the flowrate of fuel and consequently measure how much fuel has been transferred or dispensed. This is very useful for refuelling, as it allows for fuel amounts to be accurately recorded and charged accordingly if the cost of fuel needs to be kept track of. You can buy a fuel flow meter in a range of different types to suit different fuel pumps, with both digital and analogue options available depending on your preferences.

 Fuel Hoses

Fuel hoses are another essential type of fuel handling equipment. A quality fuel hose is necessary for transferring fuel out of a storage tank, assisted by a fuel pump. Fuel hoses can come with or without reels to keep them tidy and organised, and they can also be purchased in various lengths depending on the distance between your storage tank and where your refuelling operations take place. To ensure the best quality fuel hose, make sure you buy from a trusted supplier who stocks brands that are known to be durable and reliable.